Yoshihiko Nakamura


Professor, Department of Mechao-Informatics, University of Tokyo
TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor of Technical University of Munich
IEEE Fellow, JSME Fellow, RSJ Fellow
Fellow of World Academy of Arts and Science
Foreign Member of Engineering Academy of Serbia
President, IFToMM (2012-2015)
Anchorman, Robotics Taskforce for Anti-Disaster (ROBOTAD)
Member, Japanese Government and TEPCO: Task Force for Remote Control Technology (2012-)

Research Interests:
Dr. Nakamura’s research stems from the foundation of kinematics, dynamics, and control. Humanoid robotics, cognitive robotics, neuro-musculoskeletal human model, biomedical systems, and their computational algorithms/software and applications to service robotics are the current fields of his research. His book publication includes “Advanced Robotics: Redundancy and Optimization” (1991 Addison-Wesley), “Building the Robot Brain” (2003 Iwanami), and “Robot Motion” (coauthored with M. Uchiyama, 2004 Iwanami) for which the Publication Award was presented by the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers in 2005. Dr. Nakamura was a recipient of King-Sun Fu Memorial Best Transactions Paper Award, IEEE Transaction of Robotics and Automation in 2001 and 2002. He was appointed as the Distinguished Lecture for 2006-2008 of the Robotics and Automation Society of IEEE and received the Most Active Distinguished Lecture Award in 2007.


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